Herbs, Herbal Remedies and Ayurvedic Medicine

Herbs and Herbal products is gaining in roads into our lives with their holistic preparations that soothes us in many ways. It has opened up new avenues in the world of healing apart form other forms of medicines. One place that has reminisced since time immemorial is Mohammed Ebrahim Gandhi, a man with extraordinary vision and with an immense knowledge of herbs and herbal remedies that people used to flock to him for every ailment and cure. His motto was “curing the incurable”. And the year was 1907. His popularity touched such alarming heights that he opened his own shop named after his name.

Today the shop Mohammed Ebrahim Gandhi is in its 90th year and is managed by his Grandson Yusuf. The shop deals exclusively on 650 herbs and herbal remedies. According to Yusuf "The roots, leafs and bark of any plant is Ayurvedic while the flowers and fruits are unnai."

The shop still maintains its age-old legacy and has not bitten into modern design and management skills. It still engulfs you with strange aromas and scents that are sweet, sour and pungent.The interior of the shop is lined with ancient jars and bottles filled with roots, barks, leaves, powders and strange looking grains. Plastic bags hang from the ceiling filled with assortments.

Our products are well known under the brand name `Raxson', since 1979. We have a fully equipped state-of-the-art manufacturing plant with ultramodern packaging systems. A strict quality control division ensures that the products are made and packed in a hygienic environment and with utmost safety pertaining to health standards. We widely export Kalonji, Dulhan ubtan and Mehendi all over the world and our products are in great demand.

We also happen to be the largest manufacturers, importers and exporters of Ayurvedic & Unani Herbal Medicines, Dry fruits and allied products. It goes out in bulk quantity throughout the world tonnes in their export business, to adorn hands in the UK, UAE and German.